How to Get Sober and Stay Sober: 3 Years of Sobriety Success Story

Plenary of support and surrounded by guys who are actively working a strong program. RR is an instrumental part of my recovery. Surreal even, to think back to when we opened our first sober house in St. Petersburg, and to see all the men, families, and friends that have been touched by our community.

  • Since then, she has attended recovery meetings around the world and she asks hotels to remove minibars from her room to help her maintain her sobriety.
  • I joined a sorority, made friends with drug dealers.
  • I was blessed with an extremely good memory.
  • And my relationship with myself has gotten so much deeper, there’s so much more to me.

Plus, the ideas I had for my future also involved sobriety success stories. I grieved the girl that would have had champagne at her wedding and red wine on vacation in Italy. No matter how much I knew I absolutely needed to leave her behind, it was really hard. For about the first 7 days, I felt like a shell of a human being.

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It changed the way I felt in a way I had never experienced in my life. A common thread woven throughout many success stories of addiction recovery is the role of other people in inspiring sobriety. I feel like this is who I was meant to be. I spent over a decade knowing that I was supposed to be someone else but constantly getting further and further away from that. So for me, the things that have been difficult like friendships and relationships are different now that I can stand up for myself and set boundaries and I know what I want.

“I Know We Were the Chosen Few”: An Interview with SaySo The Mac – Passion of the Weiss

“I Know We Were the Chosen Few”: An Interview with SaySo The Mac.

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Their facilities are https://ecosoberhouse.com/, the amount of work and money the owner puts into his properties is unmatched. The programs they have are also the best. House managers are also super involved, go to the same meetings and know what is going on with the clients. Born in Michigan and at 13 years old he moved to Florida, by 14, he started experimenting with drugs. After the sudden passing of his daughter, Joe’s addiction went further down a deep hole of despair. A skateboarder who became dependent on pain pills which led to prison time. How one accident led to full blown drug addiction.


In high school, I worked up from an entry-level to an executive-level position for one of the biggest freight companies in the world. After six years, I realized the corporate world was not for me, so I resigned and moved to Los Angeles. You have the right to a paper copy of this notice. You may ask GRAND Addiction Recovery Center to give you a copy of this notice at any time. To obtain a paper copy of this notice, please contact the administrative office of any GRAND Addiction Recovery Center facility. To request this list or accounting of disclosures, you must submit your request in writing to GRAND Addiction Recovery Center.

What is the average length of sobriety?

14 percent of AA members stay sober between 10 and 20 years. 22 percent of AA members stay sober 20 or more years. The average length of AA member sobriety is nearly 10 years.

I don’t think it’s for everybody and I totally respect that. But for me, I think it’s important as a sober person to share this experience and how good it can be.

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As a lifelong chameleon, I was adept at diverting your attention in order to hide the fact I was living another side of myself in the shadows. I had a husband and children, a nice home, a career, and an engaging manner to distract you. All the while, I was numbing myself by binge drinking and desperately chasing a joy that somehow I’d never actually found. Outwardly, I was vivacious and self-confident, but inside I felt unworthy and hollow as my behaviors blanketed my soul in a shame I fought to ignore.


I no longer regret being an alcoholic since it is through my alcoholism that I have been able to grow and integrate a wonderful set of principles into my life. After completing residency, I found a private practice opportunity that seemed like a good fit for me. My wife was pregnant with our second child. I started a pain practice as part of this small anesthesia group and became quite successful in the medical community.

The Long And Winding Road To Recovery

I was offered a scholarship opportunity to go on to PhD studies in chemistry, but chose to continue on to med school instead. Again, in med school, I sought out and found friends who partied just like me. Comedian and spiritual enthusiast Russell Brand is also celebrating 16 years of sobriety. Over the past 42 years of his life, Brand has suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, and even bulimia, an emotional disorder that stems from the cognitive imbalances that substance abuse can cause.


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